"Since that first harvest of 1980, this intense question continuously nags my thought processes. 'Why do we continue to deny the use of deep strategy, continuing with slap on the back politics and purchasing of new technologies as though that pretty website and responsive technology is going to take us to the promised land?" 

"It's as though we still can't see that romance is what we use to sell wine.......not what we base our business strategies on.   When you're product isn't selling through, even though you focus-grouped and spent half a fortune on expensive client dinners, you're stuck with that empty feeling of doing all the 'right things'.......but you're hands are empty.

This is business nonsense, not business intelligence."

-Nicholas Karavidas - Principal at Wine Concepts Business Intelligence Services

“Wine Concepts is the only company I know of in the U.S. combining several decades of large wine brand management knowhow with the strategies and insights that Fortune Companies have been utilizing for nearly two generations.”
— Carl Schroeder, CEO Geo Strategies, Inc.

The Mission of Wine Concepts Business Intelligence Services

The key goal of WCI is to remove the misconceptions that linger in the wine industry by providing Fortune tactics and go-to-market strategy planning.  It's not about the data, but is is about utilizing real-time data combined with consumer segmentation and market mapping.  Our mission is to provide the tools to stop wasting valuable time with 'assumptions' or old school politics and provide pin-pointed targets with marketing outlines for approach to all facets of the trade.

Whether you are a company that focuses on hand crafted small lot production selling to fine wine shops, an on-line retailer seeking to better understand matching consumer profiles with e-mailing campaigns or a large winery looking to map out a market expansion project, WCI is ready to develop your plan.

What We're Achieving

  • Bringing geographic mapping support to the small and medium sized wineries of the US.
  • Establishing a cloud based intelligence platform division specifically for the wine trade.
  • Introduction of Fortune thought processes to all channels of the wine trade.
  • Bringing wine flavor profiling to the front and center of target marketing.
  • Reducing time investments and risk when designing brands by designing for specific segments. 
  • Raising the academic understanding of strategy development to the small wine producer.
  • Partnering with consultancies and technology providers for added value services.